Rimini System Integrator designs and manufactures customized domotic solutions for SPAs and Wellness Centers. All Rimini System Integrator proposals offer customizable domotic solutions to optimize the management of the Center, reduce energy consumption, offer prestigious services to its customers and make the control of each SPA room convenient and quick.

Domotics at the service of the SPA
The domotic project of a SPA involves the design of a system that can organize, manage and coordinate the multiple resources necessary for normal activity. The domotics management includes temperature control, lights, luminous and olfactory scenographies, audio and safety in the various environments of the SPA wellness centre, from the swimming pool, to the common areas up to the saunas and treatment rooms. Furthermore, the cabins can be managed in total freedom by the domotic system which proposes the preferences and scenarios previously set by the employees, according to the needs of each customer.
Example of parameters and controls available in a domotic system for SPAs, wellness centres and gyms:

The values of temperature, humidity and air quality are measured. The values, displayed on the touch-screen management system, can be modified from the peripheral touch-screens, available in the various rooms, or directly from the central touch-screen of the Reception.

Lights and luminous scenographies
The lights are managed through the DMX bus protocol and integrated into the system offering multiple control possibilities, always from peripheral or central touch-screen.

Olfactory scenographies
Aroma generation devices are placed in every room. The domotic system allows the selection of the desired fragrance in the different environments, with the possibility of connection and integration in scenarios prepared or customized for the customer. Everything is always managed from the touch screen with a single touch.

Music / audio
The sound environments are managed by the domotics software in each environment, with the possibility of selecting sequences of songs associated with treatments and activities, or playlists chosen by the Customers.

Touch Screen and Control Devices
The touch-screen is the device that allows you to control and manage the domotic system of the SPA. The touch-screens are independent and can be positioned in strategic points (peripheral touch-screens) and in the central management point (such as the Reception).
The touch-screen is a screen of at least 7.5 ′′ sensitive to the touch of the fingers and through an intuitive and simple graphic interface, allows the management of the entire domotic system of the SPA. Management can also take place (even simultaneously) with additional mobile devices, such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, etc.

Domotics supervision’s software
The software is simple and intuitive and is customized to communicate, control and manage all the domotic devices connected to the system. All operations are carried out via the SPA touch- screens or by means of mobile devices.
The software is already set up to optimize each resource, to adapt to different systems and to guarantee its functionality even in the event of system anomalies.
A software solution that allows you to manage the domotic SPA in total safety, and with the guarantee of being able to optimize all phases of your business: a technological advantage that translates into great savings on energy consumption, on the offer of an increasingly avant-garde, and with an eye for the environment.

The advantages:

  • Optimization of resources and facilities
  • Optimized management of environments
  • Great energy savings
  • Management of all activities with a simple touch
  • Audio / light / olfactory / climatic scenarios customized for each environment • Full compatibility with future Knx domotic devices
  • Flexible, expandable and reconfigurable domotic system with ease
  • System functionality even in case of device failure
  • Full control of the SPA and management of all environments and systems
  • Situation environments always under control.
  • A single system to manage everything, simply and without problems.


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