Rimini System Integrator integrates the thermoregulation of buildings, managing systems that involve the optimization of energy and thermal resources. Integrating thermoregulation into the domotic system means controlling and managing heating, cooling, air handling units, technical alarms, humidity and zone temperatures, with detection probes or thermostats located throughout the building. The advantages are immediate: different temperature profiles in each environment depending on its function and the time of day in which it is used.

It is possible to set and control the temperature of each zone while the thermostats placed in the various rooms allow you to act locally on the settings allowing you to reach maximum comfort. It is possible to integrate both small-sized systems and industrial-level systems through dedicated interfaces, which work on the proprietary bus of the machines themselves (Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Daikin, LG, etc.) Based on the inverter technology of the compressors used, the control it is very precise and guarantees exceptional yields in all operating conditions. The activation of the system can also take into account the heat produced by the sun and the possible opening of windows.

With the domotic integration of the thermoregulation, the highest energy saving of the building is obtained which, in addition to the other integrations, allows to reach very interesting saving percentages. We collaborate in perfect harmony with the plumbing and heating designers/ technicians to achieve an efficient and effective result in this sector.

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