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Home and building automation and energy management

A home or building that employs automation technology is often called “smart” home or building, because it is able to to change the configuration of its devices based on internal and external variables. The home and building automation system is also an integrated system that coordinates tasks traditionally performed by separate devices, such as switches, programmable thermostats, video intercoms and alarm systems.

A building has whole-life costs and we also have to take into consideration purchase values and management costs. Home and building automation will allow you to live in maximum comfort, using only the energy that you actually need. The energy performance and rating will improve and the value of the building will increase. The system manages the optimisation of energy consumption, leading to a reduction of energy costs.

Lighting Management

The light turns on and off automatically, according to how much natural light is in the room; it can also switch on and off if the room is occupied or not. A solution that allows customers to enjoy maximum visual comfort, while also saving energy. Particularly useful in places that are used occasionally like corridors, cellars and toilet rooms; in communal areas, it can reach energy savings up to 75%.

Multi-zone heating control

This system allows you to heat the house when and where heat is truly needed, with savings up to 30%. Thanks to this feature you can choose the temperature of each room based on its location and on the time of day. You can also choose which unused rooms you do not want to heat. The activation of the system takes exposure, solar radiation and the presence of open windows into account, therefore it guarantees comfort and energy saving.


Consumption information

Numerous studies have shown that consumption information drives owners to change their wrong habits and improve the situation. This leads to savings up to 10-15%. The system provides the customer with instant and pooled data on touch-screen devices in the form of easy-to-understand charts and diagrams, and with a quantitative evaluation of economic expenses. Customers can also take a look at the production parameters of photovoltaic or solar heating panels.

Load control management. No more blackouts
Home and building automation solutions allow you to manage and monitor the power absorbed by all electrical appliances by disconnecting them in case of overload. The system allows you to activate the loads at prearranged times, thus achieving reduced energy costs.

How much does it cost?
Estimating the costs of a “turnkey” home and building automation system is nearly impossible and, most of all, it would be misleading. The costs of a home and building automation system are linked to variables such as wall works, the size of the environment, the number and complexity of the systems, the configuration of existing structures, the floor where the environment is located and the difficulties related to the installation process.
It is worth taking into consideration that in recent years home and building automation systems have become an important instrument for sales promotion. The cost of the electrical system has a very small impact on the cost of the building (about 1,5-2%). Thanks to the increased popularity of the sector, the cost of a basic automation system infrastructure has decreased significantly. Compared to a traditional electrical system, there is only a 20% increase of the costs; therefore there is no relevant impact on the building costs.
Because of this small increase in costs, the perceived value of the property grows in a substantial manner. The home and building automation system becomes an important factor in real estate investment and a significant selling point, resulting in a higher market value of the property. The initial costs can be offset by the added value provided by the wide range of available options, which range from aesthetics (such as plaques made with valuable materials) to the most advanced technological features.

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