Rimini System Integrator creates customized domotic solutions for professional environments, designing systems that involve the optimization of energy and thermal resources, the management of safety, lighting and comfort of the premises and of the entire building.

Smart control

A domotic office, as well as a shop or other place where people work, is equipped with a system that allows the management and advanced control of the different environments. Management can take place by means of dedicated software that can be used from a PC, from elegant wall- mounted touch-screens or from mobile devices.

In fact, the management of the Building and the rooms can also be carried out remotely, from your mobile phone or laptop, and offers the possibility of checking and modifying the status of the systems and connected devices at any time.

The supervision software optimizes resources by reducing consumption and costs of energy and air conditioning. In addition to managing the optimization of the systems, intelligent management proposes the most suitable “scenarios” according to the quality of the air, temperatures, external lighting and the real needs of each moment of the day.

Rimini System Integrator domotics management controls:

  • Lighting
  • thermal system
  • automations
  • active and passive safety
  • Internet and Wi-Fi connections
  • internal and external cameras
  • video intercom
  • display of consumption and control of loads
  • access control

The advantages:

  • Optimization of resources and facilities
  • Optimized management of environments
  • Great energy savings
  • Management of all activities with a simple touch
  • Audio / lighting / climate scenarios customized for each environment • Full compatibility with future Knx domotic devices
  • Flexible, expandable and reconfigurable domotic system with ease
  • System functionality even in case of device failure
  • Situation environments always under control.
  • A single system to manage everything, simply and without problems.

Rimini System Integrator technicians are at your disposal no strings attached to satisfy any request and offer a first free consultation. #lasciatispirare


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