Rimini System Integrator designs and manufactures customized home automation solutions for your home and offers a wide range of products and services based on certified technologies. A home automation house offers maximum comfort, respects the environment optimizing consumptions (energy saving), it is safe and practical to manage, even from outside the house. The home automation is “intelligent”, ie equipped with devices, software and sensors that allow complete control. A domotic house optimizes energy resources and allows great savings on consumption, manages active and passive safety (for example with gas or smoke detectors), manages the lighting and climate of each room according to actual needs, controls the appliances, ventilation, audio and video of the house, the gate and the external parts. The devices, sensors and all the resources of the house are integrated with intelligence and precision by the supervision software, which can be managed by the practical and elegant wall-mounted touch-screens.from remote control and, when you are away from home, also from mobile devices such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, etc.

What can be integrated into the smarthome?

Lighting, internal and external shutters and curtains, fixtures, doors and windows, video surveillance systems, alarms/burglar alarms, video intercom, garage gates and automations, heating system, consumption display and load control (including photovoltaic), control and management of irrigation systems and / or greenhouses, audio and video distribution and any other automation or system present and integrable into the system. Obviously all manageable and controllable even remotely.

The advantages:

Ease of management and accessibility

Despite the many possibilities offered, the technology used is often defined as “user friendly”, easy to use. Thanks to the devices’ “touch” and “intuitive” menus, it does not present particular difficulties for Users. Home automation is also a useful tool for those who do not have full autonomy in their movements, such as people with disabilities, the elderly or people who have suffered injuries.

Complete control of the house and building

From a single point, fixed or mobile, it is possible to control the status of each room in the house and manage it manually or remotely by recalling previously set customized and freely programmable “scenarios”, and eliminating so many remote controls that manage the individual functions. For example, the “leaving the house” scenario turns off all lights, reduces heat consumption, checks that the windows are closed and activates the alarm system.

Safe home

The domotic house warns with acoustic alarms and via sms/email/telephone to the occurrence of internal emergencies (gas leaks, water leaks, presence of smoke, etc.), for example it intervenes by appropriately interrupting the supply of gas, water, energy, etc., in the absence of the Owners it automatically closes the shutters and rewinds the external blinds in case of strong wind or rain. The domotic house also offers anti-intrusion security by using different devices that allow full
control, including video, of the house and the external perimeters. Only low voltage is used on all the switches in the house and this avoids the possible dangers of use with wet hands or feet.

Energy saving

All the energy resources of the house are intelligently managed by the supervision software which regulates and optimizes the heating and consumptions according to the actual needs found on the real use of the rooms and the needs of those who occupy them. This optimization allows great savings on consumption and considerably reduces energy costs.

Comfort, convenience and prestige

Thanks to the numerous set and versatile programmable scenarios, and to a complete manual control, all available environments and resources can be configured with a simple gesture. A single touch that allows you to recall many “scenarios” useful to meet and follow the different needs and requirements of daily life, from relaxation, to parties with friends, from listening to music, to yoga or physical activity, etc. The range of products available to manage our home automation solutions range from the most common domestic series on the market to series in the Top Quality category.


The system can be designed with minimal functions and modified over time, adding more. Thanks to the latest technical innovations introduced on the market, where it is not possible to reach the devices via BUS cable, there is the possibility to use special devices via certified KNX RF radio.

Rimini System Integrator technicians are at your disposal no strings attached to satisfy any request and offer a first free consultation.



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