Knx domotics is the application of technological solutions to the home environment and more generally to buildings, in order to create application solutions that increase the safety of the environments, improve comfort, simplify daily activities, give greater control of the building and increase energy savings. In practice, domotics on knx protocol consists in creating the electrical system in a slightly different way from the past, introducing first of all an “intelligent element”.

Through the presence of this intelligence the home or building finally becomes able to communicate actively and bidirectionally through the use of devices called interfaces.

The total integration between the different functions present (lighting, temperature control, automations, anti-intrusion, etc.) also allows the creation of new objects defined scenarios, i.e. a set of actions that can be performed simultaneously and can be activated simply with a single command from a wall button, touch-screen, tablet, PC, smartphone, etc. Finally, thanks to the remote control via the internet, even when you are far away you can make sure that everything is under control and safe, by “interrogating” your home on the status of all the elements that compose it or by requesting to carry out a remote action.

KNX is the first open building automation standard, covered by royality and independent of the platform, approved as a European standard (EN 50090 – EN 13321-1) and worldwide (ISO / IEC 14543). KNX is the only international standard for Building Automation and Domotics approved all over the world.

The standard was developed by the KNX Association based on the experience of its predecessors BatiBUS, EIB and EHS. One of the strengths of the KNX system is that any product labeled with the KNX brand is not a simple manufacturer’s declaration, but is based on conformity tests carried out by the KNX laboratories.

During these tests, it is checked not only that the device supports the KNX protocol, but that its useful data is encoded according to the KNX standardized data types. This allows to create functioning systems also through the combination of devices from different manufacturers that are constantly growing, offering an additional guarantee to the customer because the safe continuity of the system is guaranteed.

The member companies of the KNX Association have more than 7000 products in their catalogs and are constantly growing. This wide range of products allows, for example, the integration of some functions:

  • lighting control
  • management of the heating / cooling / ventilation system
  • alarm monitoring
  • energy and electricity / gas management
  • management of audio and video systems
  • management of security systems
  • automation management
  • display of consumption and load control
  • control and management of irrigation systems and / or greenhouses • Open to every need


The whole system uses standard EIB / KNX and TCP / IP protocols and offers great flexibility for any type of customization.



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