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Rimini System Integrator is your new technological partner (and of your wellness!)

We will accompany you on a journey of technological possibilities endless, innovative ideas and strong emotions, guaranteeing exclusivity , full control , comfort , energy and cost savings and unimaginable safety. We are here to advise you on how to make your building truly intelligent , thanks to KNX home automation integration. And be sure, your way of life will also change, because you will no longer have to adapt to your building, but it will adapt to your needs! Relying on Rimini System Integrator means getting inspired.

We will design , install and program an advanced technological system with your wellness as our primary objective, definitely raising the quality of your life. Home automation integration ensures perfect interoperability between existing systems, such as electrical, thermal, automation, audio and video, irrigation, video surveillance and anti-theft systems. Scenarios will be created that will simultaneously use different devices (which are normally dedicated to a single task), making the building intelligent . Making the building intelligent does not only mean managing it from a single access point (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.), giving you the possibility to eliminate the various remote controls and interfaces dedicated to a single task, but it also means being able to benefit from custom-made scenarios that, in certain situations, will make you carry out in advance and automatically, actions previously dictated by your will (for example in case of imminent rain, they could have all the shutters or shutters in the house closed automatically, saving you the time to having to close them, and the financial commitment for the consequent cleaning of the windows). The home and building automation offers modular solutions for every type of property, such as private homes, villas or entire blocks of flats, offices, shops, showrooms, spas and wellness centres, hotels, b & b, farmhouses, hostels, auditoriums, cinemas, residential care homes, industries, etc.
WELCOME, Rimini System Integrator
We are available for:
  • Home automation solutions design
  • Supply and programming of home automation devices
  • Start up and activation of the home automation solution
  • Integration of the entire system with other protocols (KNX, IP, Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet,

    DALI, etc)

  • Home automations solutions testing
  • Home automation system maintenance service
  • Home automation integration of thermal systems (heating and cooling), AHU
  • Home automation integration with video door entry systems
  • Domotics automations
  • Home automation integration of load control
  • Home automation integration of irrigation systems
  • Supply and integration of security, anti-theft and video surveillance systems
  • Audio video supply integration

Consultancy and assistance with Architects, Engineers, Technical Studies, Surveyors, Electricians and Plumbing Installers, Building Builders, Final Clients, and to any other figure responsible for the management of the works eager to distinguish their offer by innovating in an smart way.

Home automation

Modular solutions suitable for private homes, villas or entire condominiums, also aimed at building builders wishing to distinguish their offer by innovating in an intelligent way.

Automations for hotels and accommodation facilities

Customizable solutions according to the different needs that allow you to optimize hotel management, reduce consumption, save energy and offer new services to customers.

SPA and Wellness Centers SPA and Wellness Centers

Optimize the management and maintenance of the Center, reduce energy consumption, offer prestigious services to its customers and make the control of every area of the SPA convenient and quick.

Offices and Show Room

Custom-made systems for professional environments: optimization of energy and thermal resources, management of safety, lighting and comfort for areas and for the entire building.

Industry and tertiary sector

Rimini System Integrator creates custom-made home automation solutions for industry and the tertiary sector such as hospitals and residential care homes, designing systems that involve the optimization of energy and thermal resources, the management of safety, lighting and comfort for areas and for the entire building.
WELCOME, Rimini System Integrator

Integration of automation systems and thermoregulation?

Rimini System Integrator technicians are at your disposal no strings attached in order to satisfy any request and to offer a first free consultation. Aren’t you curious?


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