Planning of KNX systems
Rimini System Integrator designs KNX home and building automation solutions and civil and industrial systems that satisfy public and private demands. Our customised solutions arise from years of experience gained in the field and are supplemented by programming, installation and testing services. Rimini System Integrator designs home and building automation systems by analysing the needs of each customer, by studying the characteristics of the different buildings and environments and by choosing the best resources and technologies, thus creating solutions that offer full control and maximum comfort, safety and energy saving. The planning of home and building automation systems is carried out by in-house technicians that work hand-in-hand with plant engineers, architects and other professional figures who deal with restructuring or project management.

Programming of devices
Rimini System Integrator specialises in the programming of home and building automation devices (with a certificate released by KNX Association). The programming team has a long experience in the field that ensures skill and reliability in every area.

Assistance and maintenance
Rimini System Integrator offers a scheduled assistance and maintenance service on all installed systems. This ensures a long-lasting performance of all the devices and of the supervision software that make up the home and building automation system. Upgrades and tests are periodically carried out, even remotely. Every home and building automation system designed by Rimini System Integrator offers complete manual control of the devices. In case of failure or malfunction of one or more devices, it is still possible to intervene manually.

Contact Us
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